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Why choose us?

LOCAL - We are located in Sydney and can meet with you in person, we don't have any outsourced/overseas staff.

We've been in technology for over 30 years, so you are dealing with people that do this full-time and not as a side hustle.

IN-HOUSE - We do everything in-house, meaning you get a fast turnaround, accurate work and better rates as we don't have to markup someone else's work.

BUSINESS FOCUSSED - we are way more than Web designers, we are business enablers, we work to understand your business, your customers, your competitors and your products so we can really tell your story through Web, Social Media or Advertising Campaigns.

KA1ZEN Consulting Websites IT Consulting Digital Marketing

Social Media targeted advertising

We can target your brand, products and messaging to the right audience, don't waste time posting to your friends and family, get your posts pushed to the right audience that will buy your products. We can drill right down to a postcode and so much more.

Video & Drone

We handle social media videos in-house, including commercial Drone work. 

From short catchy Social media videos to Corporate promotion work.

Digital Strategy Workshops

If your business doesn't have a solid and reviewed Digital Strategy, you could be headed the way of Kodak or Blockbuster Video. Don't leave this critical function to an internal junior, get expert help to ensure your business thrives.

KA1ZEN Consulting is about helping your business improve

Sydney based Web, Technology and Social Media consultants

Services We Provide

Web Sites

We don't just build fantastic websites, we have experts that understand your business, your competitors and your customers, only taking the time to understand all three do you get the right fit, get it done right the first time.

See our Website TIPS!

Online Shopping

Much like our Website design work, we take the time to understand your business, your competitor and your customers to give you the best front face and chance to sell your products.


We have award-winning photographers and retouchers on our team, which means your old tired and often blurry photos will get a refresh. We all know that a picture tells a thousand words, don't leave your business branding to be viewed through lazy, lifeless and blurry pictures, get an update today. 

Customer Experience reviews

Let our experts analyse your customer experience and find out what customers really think of your services, products and staff. Internal reviews are often flawed as your staff have a vested interest in keeping them positive, they also don't have the customer experience mapping skills and methodology that our consultants have. Let your business be the best it can be, engage us now.

Applications Reviews

Are your staff performing processes manually? Do they also keep customer data on their device, in a folder, or on paper? Is your application outdated and not providing what your business needs?

Let us analyse your requirements against what is available and ensure you have a smooth migration path into an asset rather than a money pit.

IT Consultancy

We have ex-CIO's working for us, get some of the brightest minds to help you make the right decisions for your business. Cloud migrations? Competitor Analysis? Which software to choose? Which vendor to use?

We specialise in aligning Business and IT.


Are you a small company that lacks the budget to hire a full-time CIO? Do you need a strategic Technology voice in your organisation? Are your IT vendors not playing nice?

Chances are you would see great benefits from our CIO-as-a-Service. We have highly skilled industry leaders ready to parachute in and guide your business through strategic technology topics literally by the day. Most of our customers save the cost of this service many times over with the benefits our resources bring to the table.

Productivity Monitoring Platforms

Considering the increasing threat of data theft, disgruntled staff and complacency, there is a single platform that elegantly brings all this together. Ka1ZeN Consulting is an authorised partner with some of the most innovative solutions in this field.

Employee Productivity

Data Security

Incredible records of who did what and when

Learn from powerful analytics what your top employees do better, and help your other staff take on those habits.

Corporate Portals & Knowledge Management Systems

Get your company all aligned with a fresh and easy-to-use Company Portal. If your staff aren't all crystal clear on your processes or who to turn to for specific information, then there is a good chance you either need a Company Portal or your current one isn't set up correctly with a KMDB (Knowledge Management Database).

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